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Spike Hughes- Kelvin Hughes LTD's Story

Spike Hughes- Kelvin Hughes LTD

“ Until a couple of years ago, I had not cycled since I was sixteen! ”

I cycle from Gilston, Hertfordshire to Mollison Avenue, 20 miles each way.

My colleague Barry mentioned that he was thinking of cyclin in and shared that I could cycle to work without having to risk my life. But it was not until I wondered into the bike shop after picking up dog food from the pet shop that I decided to take it further. I was amazed at the price of bikes but the shop assistant explained the Cycle to Work Scheme.

I discovered that Kelvin Hughes are a part of the Cycle to Work Scheme and purchased my bike through it. Then I mentioned it to our CEO and Financial Controller and they wanted to join too. Before we knew it there was five of us. I’ve been cycling for about 18 months now. I’ve had punctures and have had to walk several miles but that’s’ not stopped me!

To think a couple of years ago I had not cycled since I sixteen.