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Radcliffe of Enfield Council's Story

Radcliffe of Enfield Council

“ Man was made to be fit and physical, the body is like an engine, you’ve got to keep it roaring! ”



I cycle from Tottenham, Haringey to Enfield Town daily.  The time it takes depends on my mood, sometimes it is 30 or 35 minutes, and other times it can take me 20 minutes.

Cycling for me is about independent movement! It keeps me healthy, physically fit and it cuts down on my weight.  It also saves me from taking public transport!  I can ride my bike at my own pace in my own time and I know I will get to my destination on time! My work involves a lot of walking and so I find cycling to work not only means I get to work on time but that it keeps me fit enough to do my work.  By the time I get there my muscles are warmed up, and my health and fitness needs are taken of!

“ Getting fit was one of the reasons I decided to start cycling again, saving money and time was also an incentive ”

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A bit of background

I think it is very important for the council to introduce Cycle Enfield, they need to take the Amsterdam approach!  Cycling is good for people to keep your body in condition, it’s great for the environment and pollution.  If most people walked and cycled instead of jumping in their car to go to the supermarket less people would need to go to their doctors.  Some people are risking their lives!

Man is not made to sit at home, something is wrong when your body is not moving!

Cycle Enfield can promote more cycling and construct more separate cycle lanes to improve the borough’s air quality.