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Paul of Enfield Council's Story

Paul of Enfield Council

“ I'm a strong advocate for cycling with a helmet and being safe on the road. ”

I’ve been commuting by bike for 34 years since I started working at Enfield Council! From Cheshunt to the Dugdale Centre its about 6 miles one way and takes about half an hour. I ride along a greenway, past Forty Hall and sometimes along the River Lea. It’s quite rural and quiet for most of the way which I love. I like to promote green transport and environmental issues. Cycling to work is cost saving on petrol, better for the environment than driving, and I don’t have to find a park! It keeps me fit and is also 10 minutes faster to get to work than if I drove.

I’m a strong advocate for cycling with a helmet and being safe on the road. I don’t travel too fast and don’t assume that people driving are always aware of me, so make sure to signal where I’m going. I take my driving skills and apply them to cycling, always looking ahead to see what’s coming and if there is anything I need to navigate.

“ Cycling every day basically saves you money on a gym membership! ”

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I encourage people who are thinking of cycling to work to give it a try. The school holidays are a great time to start as there is less traffic on the roads! Back when I started cycling to work there weren’t really facilities, but now Enfield Council have good changing and showering facilities and are supportive of staff who cycle. It’s great that the Council are working to build a connected network of cycle routes through the borough as I think this will also encourage more people to cycle.

This story is part of our Cycle to Work Day 2019 Story Series featuring Enfield Council staff who commute to work by cycling. Cycle to Work Day is held this year on August 8.