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Monica of Grange Park's Story

Monica of Grange Park

“ I find looking for parking takes longer than just cycling or walking to the same place! ”

My daughter started school last year, it is 3/4 of a mile from home so cycling is actually much easier and faster than walking.  We cycle most days.  It’s surprising how far you can get in 15 mins on bike even at a relatively easy pace.  Walking the same distances can take up to 40 mins.  It means I get home quickly or can ride directly to the train station to get into central London for work.

We’re lucky to live in a borough with so many great parks, we can easily reach Enfield Town, Groveland’s and Oakwood Park.   So as a family we often cycle at the weekend.  I also use my bike to run errands throughout the week.  Even my accountant is local, which means I can walk or cycle there. Cycling and walking makes a difference, getting outside for some sunshine puts me in a better mood. I notice more things like new shops on foot or bike and can easily stop to try something new.  It’s also great bumping into people I know in the community.

“ Cycling is relaxing, its like meditating for me. ”

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A bit of background

I grew up in NYC where you walk or take public transport everywhere so I actually hate having to get into a car. I find looking for parking can often take longer than just cycling or walking to the same place!   Cycling is excellent as it gets you door to door, you can lock your bike nearby wherever you are going.  It’s even better with Enfield putting in so many new bike stands.

I already see more people thinking about and trying out cycling.  A few parents from my daughter’s school have bought bikes (two of them after borrowing one from the Enfield scheme to try).  This helps people realise cycling is a realistic, healthy and pleasant alternative.  Parents sometimes ask me how I ‘get my daughter to cycle to school’ and I tell them she loves it.  I don’t have to ‘force’ her!  She doesn’t even mind the rain.