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Martin of Enfield Council's Story

Martin of Enfield Council

“ My bike is my first port of call for transport, its my wheels. ”

I’ve been commuting to work for 10 years since I started working at Enfield Council. My commute is about a 12 to 14 mile round trip from Walthamstow to Enfield Town. I cycle along the new infrastructure in Walthamstow, and am also close to the Lee Valley Regional Park and I use their tow paths. Back in the day these were built for navigation, often used for horse-pulled barges. I enjoy this part and going along the river.

My role as a Landscape Architect means I often need to do site visits, so I try to incorporate them on my way to work or back home. If they are during the day I do try to use my bike.

Using my bike to get to work is one way I can guarantee the time it takes me, it’s good exercise and it saves me loads of money. My bike is my first port of call for transport, its my wheels.

“ I cycle to work because it's a form of exercise and its quicker than driving during the school rush! ”

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Cycling opens up a new appreciation for where you live. You can find new paths and explore different routes. I probably have about six different routes I can take from my house to work, each with bits that are different. Some are faster, some I can go through the wetlands. It gives me more of an appreciation for where I live.

This story is part of our Cycle to Work Day 2019 Story Series featuring Enfield Council staff who commute to work by cycling. Cycle to Work Day is held this year on August 8.