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Marghe of Enfield Council's Story

Marghe of Enfield Council

“ Cycling every day basically saves you money on a gym membership! ”

I have been regularly commuting to work at Enfield Council since May 2019 from Cockfosters. About two-thirds of the way I’m on cycle lanes which is great, and all up it takes me about 20 and 25 minutes.¬†Cycling on the road can be a bit scary, but I take it easy and have found drivers to be quite nice and aware of me on the road.

When I come in to work it’s mostly downhill which is great, but not so great on the way home! When I started at Enfield I walked but it takes an hour which is a bit hard in the morning, and the bus takes about the same amount of time as cycling. Instead of being stuck in traffic when you are arrive to work I come in fresh and happy after my commute! I like that I’m more alert when I get to work and feel amazing (if not a bit sweaty). I have found that I’m much more productive and focused when I cycle in.

“ More people walking and cycling can and will make a tremendous difference to Enfield. ”

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From my personal experience as well as working in public health for Enfield Council, I highly recommend cycling to work. It makes you feel great, your endorphins kick in improve your mood, and you get your exercise for the day in. Cycling every day basically saves you money on a gym membership!

This story is part of our Cycle to Work Day 2019 Story Series featuring Enfield Council staff who commute to work by cycling. Cycle to Work Day is held this year on August 8.