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Karen – Inclusive Cycling's Story

Karen – Inclusive Cycling

“ With cycling I'm able to move about a lot and more quickly. ”



With cycling I’m able to move about a lot and more quickly. Walking now is not so enjoyable. I need a stick to assist me. There are lots of people using Bush Hill Park, you see lots of people, toddlers and babies. That’s really nice. Cycling gives me freedom of movement and exercise

“ I have early Dementia. I do ten laps! ”

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A bit of background

I first cycled when I was seven, my father got me a bike.  I never had stabilisers it was a full sized bike. My mother ran behind me.  I used to go cycling with my friends.  Now I have arthritis in my joints I wouldn’t be able to get on an ordinary tricycle because of my knees.  The seats on this inclusive tricycle are more upright.