Due to the current UK Government restrictions aimed at reducing the spread of Coronavirus, cycle maintenance courses, Dr Bike, events and group rides have been postponed or cancelled until further notice. Cycle Skills training has recommenced. Sign up to the Cycle Enfield newsletter for updates on activities and see more information here. Our team is contactable at cycle@enfield.gov.uk or via Facebook or Twitter.

Take care of yourselves during this challenging time.


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Justin's Story


“ The first day I rode to work, I absolutely loved it! I couldn’t wait to ride home. ”

I am new to cycling and have started commuting to work a few times a week from Bush Hill Park to Farringdon. I was never a cyclist, but my dad has always loved it and my daughter now loves it too. My decision to buy a bike and start cycling to work came after a number of events started pointing me to cycling. I had seen the new cycle lanes go in along Green Lanes, and my employer offers a Cycle to Work scheme as well as good facilities for cyclists. We had also been on a family holiday where we had hired bikes and had an amazing time cycling around the town. The first day I rode to work, I absolutely loved it! I couldn’t wait to ride home. I’m cycling about two to three days a week at the moment.

“ It's important to remember that the Netherlands were not always geared up for cycling. ”

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I had done a lot of research before I started commuting by bike. I have learnt and am now more conscious of cycling defensively, and I acknowledge and thank drivers who are aware of cyclists and drive well. I am enjoying the fitness each day and have been getting more confident so the time it takes from home to work is getting faster. I am feeling more energised when I get to work because the ride clears my head and I’ve been sleeping very well. I am really enjoying it, and hope to start cycling to work every day soon!