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Jean of Palmers Green's Story

Jean of Palmers Green

“ My children are adults so now I am the only one that needs to get taken to places! ”


I live in Palmers Green, just off Green Lanes and cycle to work at North Middlesex hospital. I also do most of my exercise, shopping and socialising this way.

I find riding a bike the easiest way to get around.  It is cheap to run a bike and easy to park.  I like getting the exercise, not polluting the air and I like not being stuck in traffic! I can’t pedal up Ally Pally or even Windmill Hill anymore but I can pedal to a bus stop!

Originally I didn’t see the need for a separate cycle path along Green Lanes as I felt safe riding along it. I felt the roads were wide enough for cars to pass without getting frustrated that they might get stuck behind you, like on the side streets.  But now that the cycle lanes are here I love them, mainly for safety reasons!

“ As much as we like driving (and I do drive), cars will not be a sustainable mode of travel in the long term, especially for short trips. ”

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A bit of background

I love that Enfield is actively promoting cycling as a viable mode of transport.  Of course I understand that I’m not encumbered, I don’t have to ferry anyone around and I am semi-retired so can take as long as I want! I make several trips to the grocery store instead of a big weekly shop and I have the time so it’s less stressful for me.   I recognise I only go about 5-6 miles from my door by bike and am not trying to get to the city in time for work.

I went to one of your Forty Hall day trips for over 50s, it was an event trying to get older people back into cycling, it was brilliant!