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30 Oct 2019   ·   News

Tips for keeping your bike safe

There are many simple things you can do to secure your bike. Here are our top tips.


  • Pick somewhere visible: when parking your bike, pick somewhere with high footfall and visibility, and look for dedicated cycle parking facilities.
  • Ensure the lock cannot be lifted over a sign or post: Sheffield stands or fences are good options.
  • Utilise cycle parking facilities: many train stations have dedicated cycle parking facilities. Enfield Town Station and Edmonton Green Station both have Cycle Hubs (membership to both costs £24/year) and we recently installed open mini cycle hubs at Arnos Grove Station.


  • Use two locks: we suggest using two locks, a  heavy duty D-lock and another lock such as a cable lock. Use the D-lock around a middle section of the frame so that the bike cannot be flipped upside down. Recommended brands for locks include AXA, Abus, and Trelock.
  • Lock your wheels and frame: use one flock to lock a wheel and frame, and the other lock on the other wheel.
  • Avoid the ground: keep your lock off the ground to avoid it being easily broken.

On bike

  • Remove quick release wheels: Many bikes are fitted with quick release wheels, making them easy to remove. If you have these type of wheels consider applying safety locks, or removing them yourself and replacing with locking ones. If you are looking to purchase a bike, consider paying a bit extra for wheels that are not quick release.
  • Remove your valuable fittings and accessories: bike seats, baskets and bike lights can often be easily removed, and many of us have our bikes fitted with quality (and colourful!) accessories. Make sure you secure them or remove them when you leave your bike in public. Some seats can be locked to the frame.

At home

  • Register for a bikehangar on your street: Bikehangars offer secure cycle parking on residential streets, operated by a key accessible to members of that hangar only. You can see the bikehangars in Enfield and request a space here. If there is not a bikehangar on your street, you can request one here and our team will look into it as funding becomes available (and if it has been determined that there is adequate demand).


  • Register your bike with BikeRegister: get your bike marked with BikeRegister to record it on their system. This can act as a deterrent and in the event the bike is stolen, help with recovery in the future.

Image: BikeRegister