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17 Mar 2020   ·   News

Staying active and healthy while indoors

Staying active and healthy is important for many of us. In response to COVID-19 many of us will be staying indoors and self-isolating, affecting our normal routines, working patterns and social lives. Your health is important and if you are able to, we encourage you to stay active and to look after your mental wellbeing. Here are some ideas and resources if you are staying at home over the coming weeks and feeling healthy enough.

  • Put on some music: What’s better than a home dance party?
  • Download a fitness app: there are many (free!) fitness apps for different types of exercises, from yoga to HIIT to mindfulness and meditation.
  • Watch workout videos: Youtube is a great resource for workout videos (as well as cute animal videos). If you have kids, pick one to do together.
  • Make your own weights: if you don’t have exercise equipment at home, make your own! Bottles of water, flour or rice can also act as weights.
  • NHS Fitness Studio: Did you know the NHS has home workout videos? Well, now you do! See here.
  • Turn cleaning into a workout: keeping a clean home is important at any time, but cleaning including vacuuming and scrubbing the shower can be quite a good work out!
  • Get on your bike or feet: If you are heading out and are avoiding public transport, get walking or on your bike for some fresh air.
  • Run up the stairs: if you have stairs at home, run up them a couple more times a day than usual.
  • Ask your friends and family to join you (even virtually): stay accountable by talking to friends about your goals for staying active while at home, and compare notes!
  • Look after your mental health and wellbeing: tune out from social media and the news, watch reality tv, read a book, sing, dance. Whatever works for you, look after yourself and your mental health during this time. See here for more resources.

The latest Government guidance on COVID-19 can be found here.