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15 Oct 2019   ·   News

Stay safe while cycling in wet conditions

It’s been a rainy few weeks and we think there may be more to come! To help you stay safe and dry while cycling in the rain we have pulled together our top tips.

  • Less air in tyres means more grip: Let a bit of air out of your tyres so that they aren’t fully pumped up. This increases the amount of tyre surface making contact with the road which means it increases grip.
  • Keep your distance: Paths can get slippery and may cause someone in front of you to brake suddenly. Keep a good distance when cycling amongst others, and don’t break too hard!
  • Wear the right gear: A waterproof jacket, bag and shoes, as well as gloves and a peaked hat are good options to keep you as dry as possible. High-vis jackets also help you to be seen by other road users, particularly if the weather is grey.
  • Lights on: It is the law to have front and back bike lights. Turn them on, even if it’s still daytime!
  • Wrap belongings in plastic bags: Keep your belongings safe in a waterproof bag, or wrapped in plastic.
  • Use mudguards: Other people cycling will thank you for using mudguards and preventing mud flicking up from your tyres.
  • Bring a change of clothes: If you’re cycling to work or elsewhere, bring a change of clothes (just in case!), especially socks.
  • Wipe your glasses: If you wear glasses or sunglasses, keep a dry cloth handy to wipe rain and fog from your glasses.
  • Get a bike check up: To make sure everything is in working order before Winter, visit Dr Bike for a free bike health check.

And finally, treat yourself with a hot drink when you’ve finished your ride!