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7 Feb 2019   ·   News

New training programme for secondary schools!

Own the Ride: Share the Road is a new free course for secondary school students who are riding their bikes to school. It has been developed by Cycle Confident in response to demand from teaching staff to educate their students on the hazards of performing tricks and stunts on the road; specifically, wheelies. Cycles can be provided to the school for the duration of the course.


The aim of the course is focus on the hazards of performing tricks and stunts on the road; raise students’ awareness of their vulnerability; and encourage them to consider how their actions could impact on other road users.


By engaging students in a series of group activities, the course addresses the following objectives:

  • Increase knowledge of what defines a Vulnerable Road User (VRU)
  • Increase intentions to share the roads safely with others
  • Gain first-hand experience as a VRU through on cycle hazard awareness and understand why other road users behave the way they do

The course concludes with a led ride that includes a stop to discuss a complex traffic junction. The ride also aims to demonstrate that it is possible to enjoy a group ride without performing tricks and stunts.


The course is delivered by experienced National Standard Instructor Trainers who have experience of delivering the Safe Urban Driving (SUD) course, which is a behaviour change course aimed at LGV drivers. One of the key lessons that LGV drivers take away from the SUD course is how to interact with VRUs. Cycle Confident Trainers bring their knowledge of behaviour change course and VRUs to the students taking part in this course.

Schools who take part can also choose to receive a bike maintenance course to teach students how to fix any issues on their bike.

To book

Schools can book by contacting Cycle Confident directly to request ‘Own The Ride’. Cycle Confident can be contacted by phone on 020 30316 730 or email contact@cycleconfident.com.