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3 Jun 2019   ·   News

New Active Travel Digital Map – Public Launch

We are excited to launch our new active travel digital map! The map is still a work in progress and over the coming months we will be adding lots more information. For now, you can start to see how we’re building a network of walking and cycling routes across the Borough of Enfield. To view the map, see here.

By using the menu in the top left corner, you can ‘toggle on and off’ different categories to see how the network is forming:

  • Complete, Pre 2017 – this shows all the routes that were developed before Enfield Council received additional investment to start to build a new network. These pre 2017 route vary in quality.
  • Complete, Post 2017 – this shows recently constructed routes which provide high quality routes and continuous provision. Some of these routes will be segregated, others on quieter roads may not be.
  • Incomplete, Under Construction – this shows routes that are currently been built.
  • Incomplete, Proposed – this shows potential routes that are proposed, with the intention of implementing in the next 5 years.

Other information that is still to be added includes:

  • Cycle parking locations
  • Dr Bike locations
  • Cycle training and activity locations
  • Dockless bike hire drop off / pick-up bay locations
  • Additional proposed walking and cycling routes linking Meridian water to Edmonton Green
  • Additional proposed walking and cycling routes from Fore Street to Meridian Water
  • Additional proposed walking and cycling route from Enfield Town to Broxbourne

Over the coming weeks, as well as adding additional information, we will start of the process of integrating the digital map into our website. If you have any questions or comments on the digital map please email us at