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5 Mar 2019   ·   News

New Bikehangars for safe, secure bike parking

Great news! Our second batch of on-road cycle hangars were installed last week, this brings our total to 20 available hangars in Enfield. Each hangar holds six bikes so we now have 120 spaces for residents  to keep their bicycles in a secure and easy to access location.

To see if there is a hangar near you please visit this link. We are looking forward to following this up with plenty more new installations in the future and welcome any requests to fit one on your road. Requests can be made here. Remember, the more requests we receive in an area the more likely we are to install a hangar so please ask your neighbors to get involved.

Bikehangars are made, installed and managed by Cyclehoop. They take up slightly less space than one car and currently cost £12 a year to use. Since the first installation in 2016 the council has received more than 200 requests for bike parking from residents with a list that keeps growing. We also have a waiting list of people wanting to use the hangars we have fitted. Enfield Council are committed to supporting sustainable modes of travel and installation of cycle storage infrastructure can help lift the barrier to cycling by making bike ownership as accessible and easy as possible.