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29 Sep 2017   ·   News

Goodbye Emily!

Unless you are at school or a parent or carer of someone who is, you may not have met Emily who has been a driving force behind one of the sometimes forgotten aspects of Cycle Enfield. Always smiling, Emily has helped children and their families throughout the borough to find ways to incorporate safe, active travel into their daily lives. Working closely with schools, road safety teams and parents, Emily’s ability to connect with children in a fun and educational way through events, talks and even song cheap tramadol 200mg (but thankfully not dance as far as we are aware) will make a real difference to children’s lives and health for many years to come by encouraging them to be more active, walk and cycle. Because of this it is not surprising that she has been offered a new position that she can’t really refuse so we wish you all the best for your future. You deserve it for making such a positive difference to the future of so many of Enfield’s children and young people.