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3 Jun 2019   ·   News

Fox Lane Quieter Neighbourhood Update

Over the past few months we have conducted a trial within the Fox Lane area in response to concerns by residents of rat running traffic. Through the placement of planters at several junctions, the intention was to discourage this traffic from travelling through these residential streets.

We collected data prior to the implementation of the trial and have now collected interim data following the deployment of 50 per cent of the planters. We now have evidential data which demonstrates that the planters are not achieving their intended objective of reducing through traffic in these areas. A summary of the baseline and interim data is available here.

The Council continue to believe that trials are the right way forward as we try to address the shared concern of rat running traffic through residential areas. However, we have also consistently said that if the data collected did not demonstrate a level of success, other options would then be considered. Therefore, on the basis of the evidence, this current trial will not be progressed further. The trial planters will be removed and no further planters will be installed as part of this particular approach.

The Council remains committed to measures to reduce motor traffic speed and volume through residential areas. The Fox Lane area is one of the first areas where the Council have looked to tackle this issue on an area wide basis. We know that rat running traffic is a concern shared by many residents. We will therefore look to develop new proposals for the Fox Lane area, as we continue to explore methods that we can then look to replicate in other areas of the Borough.

Over the coming weeks, the existing planters will be removed. We will shortly publish some ideas for an alternative approach for the Fox Lane area using our engagement hub, Let’s Talk Transport which will allow residents to provide their initial thoughts on these ideas (we will collect information to understand whether responses are from residents living in the area or outside). The Council can then review this feedback and consider the next steps. Any implementation that is taken forward will once again be on a trial basis, providing opportunity to re-consider depending upon the evidence of data collected throughout this further trial, along with the views of residents living within the area.

Once the ideas for an alternative approach are published online, all households and businesses within the area will receive a flyer to provide an update and inform them of how they can contribute their feedback and invite them to a community event where they can discuss the ideas with Council Officers.