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13 Sep 2019   ·   News

Expansion of Cycle Enfield’s secure cycle parking facilities

We are happy to announce that Cycle Enfield have secure an A funding award of  £120,000 from Transport for London’s Cycle parking improvement plan.

This will enable the council to provide a further 180 secure cycle parking spaces to residents protecting their bicycles from damage and theft. Bike-hangars are covered bike parking units that can accommodate six bicycles, providing convenient, accessible secure cycle parking on your doorstep. They are placed on the carriageway, occupying just 2.5metres of parking space.

The first bike-hangar was installed on Bouvier Road, in November 2016. Since then Cycle Enfield has implemented 30 secure bikehangars across the borough. This additional funding will enable the Council to double this provision in this financial year.

Cycle Enfield promotes active travel. part of our plans to help encourage more active travel in Enfield are to provide more secure cycle parking to residents. Our aim is to make cycle parking as convenient as it is to park a car.

Our rolling parking programme will see these fabulous bike-hangars installed on our streets, particularly around Enfield’s new cycling infrastructure, where demand is evident and in areas where housing stock may hinder storing a bike, such as estates and terraced housing.

Locations are being considered and investigated at present with localised informal consultations taking place in October.

For further information on our cycle parking program and to tell us you are interesting in using the service see here.