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5 Aug 2019   ·   News

Enfield Council celebrates Cycle to Work Day

Thursday 8 August 2019 is Cycle to Work Day.

Enfield Council is supporting Cycle to Work Day by encouraging staff to choose to walk or cycle to work. We will also be hosting cycle skills taster sessions for staff who want to learn the basics and start to build their confidence when cycling.

To celebrate Cycle to Work Day we have created a Cycle to Work Story Series, profiling some of the staff at Enfield Council who commute by bike to work.

What we’ve heard from Enfield Council cycle commuters

Some staff commute every day by cycling, while others choose to cycle when convenient or when the weather permits! Everyone we spoke to was encouraging of others to try cycling and consider it as a transport option to and from work. Many commented on it being a cheaper option and often faster than driving a car, or catching public transport. Some also said it made them feel happier and more productive when they got to work. Everyone we spoke to enjoyed their commute by bike saying that it also allowed them to enjoy nature and the many beautiful trails and parks across Enfield.

Top tips from Enfield Council cycle commuters on cycling to work

  • Take it slow – there’s no shame in going at a steady pace, particularly if you are new to cycling on the road.
  • Find the right route for you – there can be many ways to get from home to your place of work, made up of cycle lanes, quietways, main roads, shared paths or other tracks. Try a few different routes to get to know what suits you!
  • Give yourself enough time – if you are just starting out commuting by cycling, give yourself more than enough time to get to work in case you need to stop or get lost. Some suggested giving yourself double the amount of time you think it will take.
  • Find a buddy – buddy up with someone who works with you (or nearby) to cycle together. This can help you build confidence, work out a route, and is company for you on your journey!
  • Make the most of the facilities at work – most of the staff we spoke to showered and changed when they got to work. Many workplaces now have facilities for people who cycle, and if yours doesn’t, ask about it!
  • Give it a go! – Cycling to work starts by giving it a try!

We will be publishing Stories throughout this week. See the Cycle to Work Story Series here.