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26 Feb 2018   ·   News

Dockless bikes arrive in Enfield

We are pleased to announce that Enfield has introduced its dockless bike hire scheme to support short local journeys. Urbo, an external European delivery partner, started a 12-month trial in the borough on 19 February with 100 bikes, a number that will increase with demand. Each bike hire up to 30 minutes is 50p and we currently have £1 introductory memberships (plus the first 5 rides are free). The scheme is already proving popular so why not give it a try.

How does it work?

The bikes are completely digitally operated and easy to use – either locate an available bike with the ‘myurbo’ app or walk up to a bike and scan the QR code on the bike to unlock it. At the end of your order tramadol online with cod journey, simply park the bike on its side-stand and click the lock back into place.

Where can I ride the Urbo bikes?

Urbo works all over Enfield and you can also ride the same bikes to neighbouring Waltham Forest and – from early March 2018 – to Redbridge. To minimise disruption, we have allocated over 20 virtual ‘Dockless Bike Parking Zones’ near transport interchanges and town centres, initially concentrated along the new A105/Green Lanes cycle route, for the bikes to be collected from and returned to. The number of zones will increase as the scheme progresses and locations will be tailored to fit demand based on user data gathered by Urbo.

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