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13 Jan 2021   ·   News

Cycle parking update

Enfield Council were recently awarded £87,000 to deliver a further 25 bike hangars, offering more residents access to secure cycle parking. The next batch of new bike hangars will be placed on the following streets in Enfield:

  • Deans Drive N13
  • Lancaster Road EN2
  • Ordnance Road EN3
  • Old Park Road EN2
  • Mintern Close N13
  • Larksfield Grove EN1
  • Waddington Close EN1
  • Nursery Road N14
  • Churchbury Road EN1
  • Stonard/Hoppers Road N13
  • Queens Avenue N21

Installation will be occurring in January and March. This batch of hangars follows installation of 11 bike hangars in December 2020. Further locations for additional hangars are still being confirmed. By the end of March Enfield will have a total of 67 bike hangars offering 402 cycle parking spaces to residents.

Each bike hangar takes up the equivalent of approximately one car parking space and offers six bike parking spaces. Residents can apply to have a space within a hangar for £12 for 12 months plus a £25 key deposit. The bike hangars offer protection from the weather and convenient access for residents who may not have secure bike parking space at home.

It is important to keep your bike locked up even when inside a bike hangar.