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2 Jul 2018   ·   News

Ring a bicycle bell to improve Enfield streets

Ring a bicycle bell to improve Enfield streets

Would you like to help us gain insights about cycling in Enfield just by ringing a bicycle bell?

We would like to find out what factors affect your cycling journey so we can make improvement in infrastructure and make it easier for people to cycle. To do this, we are partnering with an innovative startup called Blubel.

Blubel is a navigation device in a bicycle bell. It mounts on the handlebars and, supported by the Blubel app, it guides you along quiet, safe routes. You can ring it like a traditional can u order tramadol online bicycle bell to report hazards you encountered. Once you have finished your ride, you can tag these locations in the app (for instance, you can classify them as a pedestrian crossing, dangerous junction, pothole and other reasons).

The Blubel team will then help us gather and analyse the data you report to learn about what issues affect your journey.

If you would like to take part, please answer the questions in this form and the Blubel team will be in touch if you are selected for the pilot.