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18 Feb 2021   ·   News

Angel Walk cycle and walking path now open

The Angel Walk project is now largely complete and open to the public! This project provides a walking and cycling pathway linking Edmonton Green and Meridian Water Railway Station.

The Angel Gardens site was a vacant piece of Council-owned land that was subject to extensive fly tipping and a cause for concern for residents in the area. In 2015 the site was developed into a public space that included sensory play and growing areas for the wider public to utilise. Previous community engagement demonstrated that residents supported the concept of a new public open space incorporating a pathway that connects Angel Road Railway Station (now replaced by Meridian Water Railway Station) and the existing pathway north-west of the site that continues to Edmonton Green.

The project includes:

  • a parallel zebra facility across Montagu Road extending the facilities already present along Cemetery Walk
  • a welcoming entrance to Angel Walk at it’s interface with Montagu Road
  • a lit walking and cycling link within the formally redundant site linking to the Angel Gardens play space and the ramp leading to Conduit Lane
  • creating access from the walking and cycling ramp onto Conduit Lane
  • management of overland flow paths to better manage flood waters in significant rainfall events
  • maintaining where possible the wide variety of flora and fauna currently present on the site
  • long term management of invasive species found on the site.