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Where can I park my bike in Enfield?

There are a range of options in Enfield for parking your bike safely and securely. We have sheffield stands for free parking, as well as bike hangars and Cycle Hubs which operate on a membership model. For more information, visit our cycle parking page here.

We currently have a draft version of a digital map which shows all the council stands and some (but not all) stands on private land. We have plans to make this map publicly available online once details have been confirmed, hopefully by Summer 2019.


What are the Cycle Hub membership Terms and Conditions?

A single membership will give you access to both Cycle Hubs; one bicycle can be parked per membership; cycles must display the ID tags provided; abandoned cycles will be removed.

Cycle Hub managers Cyclehoop reserve the right to remove a bike without notice for the following reasons:

  • No Bike Tag ID
  • Abandoned Bikes: bikes left in the Cycle hub for longer than 4 weeks
  • Non-payment of membership fees
  • Standard cycles parked in non-standard parking spaces
  • Bike causing an obstruction

If your bike is removed for one of the reasons above, you will be liable for a £20 removal fee. Bikes are stored for a period of 30 days from the day after the removal date. Any bike not claimed in this time-frame may be disposed of.

Your bike is left at your own risk. Cyclehoop are not responsible for the loss, damage and theft of bicycles, locks or other items stored in the Cycle Hubs. We recommend you lock your bike using a heavy duty lock that is Sold Secure rated, as well as a robust chain or cable.

How can I keep my bike safe?

Lock your bike and any accessories to the racks provided inside any of the secure cycle parking provided by Enfield Council, whether Bikehangar or Cycle Hub (as drivers would lock their cars in a public car park). We recommend using a heavy duty lock that is Sold Secure rated, as well as a robust chain or cable.

How secure is the Cycle Hub?

The Cycle Hubs are covered by CCTV and lit at night, with glass walls providing both good natural lighting as well as excellent visibility and passive surveillance, increasing the security of the facility.

Who manages the Cycle Hub?

The Cycle Hubs are managed by Cyclehoop Ltd on behalf of Enfield Council.

How many bikes can park at the Cycle Hub?

Each hub provides cycle parking for 50 bikes, as well as space for 3 non-standard cycles like cargo bikes or handcycles.

What do I get as part of my Cycle Hub membership?

Membership gives you access for a year to secure cycle parking – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – at both Enfield Town and Edmonton Green Cycle Hubs for a £25 first year introductory rate.

How much does it cost to use the Cycle Hub?

Membership for a year of secure cycle parking costs £25 (first year introductory rate) and gives you access to both Cycle Hubs at Enfield Town Station and Edmonton Green Station.

How do I access the Cycle Hub?

Registered members access the Cycle Hub using a smart card. To sign up for membership (£25 first year introductory rate), visit the Cycle Parking page.

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